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Doxacon Seattle 2025: Our Clergy Keynote!

Reece Friesen stands in front of a mural he is working on

It is our great pleasure to announce that Reece Friesen will present our Clergy Keynote at Doxacon Seattle 2025! Reece Friesen is a pastor, speaker, writer, comic book artist, and all around creative type who lives with his wife Rachel and their five daughters in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. As the scribe and artist behind …

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Doxacon Seattle 2025: Help Us Build a Con!

The Doxacon Seattle logo (cropped)

We are now accepting proposals for programming at Doxacon Seattle 2025! Our theme for 2025 is “Extasis: Escaping Reality in Pursuit of Truth”—a theme which lends itself to many genres and expressions of fandom. This is our tenth anniversary as an event and we’re hoping to build a spectacular program. For that, we need YOUR …

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Doxacon Seattle 2025: Our Lay Keynote!

We’re delighted to announce that S.K. Ehra will present our Lay Keynote for Doxacon Seattle 2025! S.K. Ehra is an author of fantasy, horror, and all that lies between. When not reading or writing, she can be found wandering the woods and, while skittish, is friendly when approached. Her latest novels are the dark fairy …

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Doxaday: Dungeons & Deacons!

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with Advent Anglican Church to host a game night called “Dungeons & Deacons” with our 2024 clergy keynote speaker, Deacon Jeremiah Webster! “Dungeons and Deacons” is a gaming guild hosted by Analog@Advent in collaboration with Doxacon Seattle. This is a free event open to the public. All ages are …

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Theme Announcement for Doxacon Seattle 2025

We’re thrilled to announce our theme for Doxacon Seattle 2025. As always, we began with reviewing the best contenders from previous years, and soliciting from our Planning Committee new ideas. We had several great discussions, and slowly narrowed down the field until we came to rest on a theme we’re all excited about. And now, …

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Update: The Future of Doxacon Seattle, 2025 and Beyond

Thank you for your patience! We’ll be holding our Future of Doxacon Seattle meeting on April 6 at 11:30am in the Meeting Room of the Edmonds Public Library! Please join us to dream about the future of Doxacon Seattle! Members of the planning committee will briefly describe where we’ve been, and then we’ll open a …

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Update: The Future of Doxacon Seattle … is rescheduled!

Apologies! Due to some last minute issues, including a positive COVID test among our Board members, we’re NOT meeting tomorrow, March 9. Instead, we are rescheduling for April 6, 2024. It will probably be mid-day, and probably in the North King/South Snohomish area, but we’re still working out the details. In the meantime, you can …

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The Future of Doxacon Seattle Is in Your Hands!

We’re approaching our tenth Doxacon Seattle event in 2025! It’s exciting to celebrate where we’ve been, and to look forward to where we’d like to go! To that end, we’re holding a sort of planning party. We’d love to have as many of you as possible join us in brainstorming ideas for Doxacon Seattle 2025 …

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Still time to volunteer!

A GIF of the scene in The Hunger Games movie where Katniss Everdeen volunteers as tribute in place of her sister (image courtesy Tenor.com)

Doxacon Seattle can’t happen without you! We are looking for volunteers to make 2024 the best event so far. Specifically, we need: The greatest joy at Doxacon Seattle is knowing that you’ve made the day fantastic for someone else who attended. Volunteers who register in advance will receive a special membership rate. If you’re interested, …

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Meet our 2024 presenters!

We’ve already introduced you to our keynote speakers for this year, J.D. Henning and Dcn. Jeremiah Webster. Both will speak from their experience as Christians doing creative work. J.D. will speak on “What Would Jesus Binge Watch? Lessons Learned from a Christian Filmmaker”, and Dcn. Jeremiah will discuss “Follow the Devil: Cultivating the Spiritual Imagination …

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