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These posts are about games and gaming, particularly role-playing games both online, board, and tabletop.

Doxaday: Dungeons & Deacons!

We’re excited to announce a collaboration with Advent Anglican Church to host a game night called “Dungeons & Deacons” with our 2024 clergy keynote speaker, Deacon Jeremiah Webster! “Dungeons and Deacons” is a gaming guild hosted by Analog@Advent in collaboration with Doxacon Seattle. This is a free event open to the public. All ages are …

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Doxacon Seattle 2024 – Call for Presenters!

We are now accepting proposals for presentations at Doxacon Seattle 2024! A presentation could be any of several things: a talk given by one speaker, a panel discussion, a workshop or hands-on activity, a one-shot gaming session, and more! Our theme for 2024 is “At the End of All Things: Utopias, Dystopias, and the Persistence …

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Doxaday Details: March 5, 2022

Between Doxacons, we like to keep in touch through small, in-person gatherings we call “Doxadays”. These will be held at various locations around the Pacific Northwest, and we have at least three planned for the coming year. Our next Doxaday is an afternoon of games and fun in Bellingham on March 5, 2022 – this …

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