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2023 Doxadays

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We have set the 2023 Doxadays! For those who recall, Doxadays are a sort of mini-Doxacon – an opportunity to gather several times throughout the year. Though they’re more simply themed, they’re a great way for us to gather together, geek out, and share those things that inspire us. The first of our Doxadays will …

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Doxaday Details: March 5, 2022

Between Doxacons, we like to keep in touch through small, in-person gatherings we call “Doxadays”. These will be held at various locations around the Pacific Northwest, and we have at least three planned for the coming year. Our next Doxaday is an afternoon of games and fun in Bellingham on March 5, 2022 – this …

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