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Doxacon Seattle's weekly digests - posting Doxacon Seattle news and neat geek facts for the current week

Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (April 21-27)

A photo of a mannequin of a Romulan woman in uniform (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Welcome to this week’s geek digest. We especially remember our Orthodox brothers & sisters as they enter the final week before Holy Week. May the Lord bless you in preparation for the remembrance and celebration of the mysteries of our redemption! April 21 – Star Trek fans recognize the names of Romulus & Remus – …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (April 14-21)

Noah Webster, The Schoolmaster of the Republic print by Root & Tinker (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Another week, another digest! We hope that you are enjoying the beginning of spring here in the Pacific Northwest. And if it turns out that we’re not quite done with rain yet, perhaps a bit of geeky trivia – perhaps enjoyed with a cup of coffee – but tide you over while we await warmer …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (April 7-13)

A photo of NASA's first astronaut class, called the Mercury 7 (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Thank you to all who attended our Future of Doxacon Seattle meeting this last weekend. We look forward to sharing the results of that gathering as we continue to discern and dream together how to celebrate the intersection of faith & fandom here in the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, please enjoy this week’s digest! …

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Happy Easter!

The painting 'The Resurrection' by Sebastiano Ricci (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Our weekly geek digest is on hiatus for Easter week but will return next week. In the meantime, we wish all those who are celebrating Easter this week many blessings & graces. He is risen – He is risen indeed!

Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (March 24-31)

Blessings on all Christians celebrating Holy Week! Let us pray for each other together as we meditate on the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. March 24 – For Christians following the Gregorian calendar (Catholics & Protestants), today is Palm Sunday – the celebration of Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. Christianity Today posted a lovely …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (March 17-23)

If you didn’t hear last week, we’ve got a “Future of Doxacon Seattle” meeting coming up next month! We’ll be meeting in Edmonds to dream about the future of Doxacon Seattle – we hope you’ll join us. Check out the post for details: we look forward to hearing your thoughts & ideas. March 17 – …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (March 10-16)

A 1902 photo of surgeon and scientist Joseph Lister (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

As you may have heard, we recently had to reschedule our planning Doxacon Seattle community gathering for April 6, 2024. This was due to some unexpected complications, among them the always popular COVID 🙄. But seriously we were bummed to have to put off gathering with you all! We look forward to sharing the location …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (February 18-24)

A painting of British inventor and mining engineer Reichard Trevithick by John Linnell (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for Doxacon Seattle 2024! Special thanks to our keynote speakers (J.D. Henning and Deacon Jeremiah Webster) and our presenters. And if you didn’t get a chance to see all the wares of our presenters, you can still check them out online (social & storefront information …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (January 14-20)

The Wikipedia logo (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Happy New Years all! We hope you had wonderful celebrations of the Nativity and the New Year. Before getting into business, we want to take a moment now to offer to our Orthodox brethren what we couldn’t last week (due to several of us catching the holiday cruds): Christ is born! Let us glorify Him! …

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Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (December 17-23)

A drawing of the Brothers Grimm (image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Its the last week of Advent and all through the house, everyone is stirring….. or so it seems as we all try to lockdown final Christmas details! May this run-up to the Nativity of the Lord be as peaceful as possible for you and your loved ones. For your enjoyment (and maybe a bit of …

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