Doxacon Seattle 2025: Help Us Build a Con!

The Doxacon Seattle logo: a flying saucer with a cross atop it hovering over Mount Rainier

We are now accepting proposals for programming at Doxacon Seattle 2025!

Our theme for 2025 is “Extasis: Escaping Reality in Pursuit of Truth”—a theme which lends itself to many genres and expressions of fandom. This is our tenth anniversary as an event and we’re hoping to build a spectacular program. For that, we need YOUR ideas and expertise!

Some kinds of things we’d love to see:

  • Talks given by one speaker
  • Panel discussions focusing on a topic from a variety of viewpoints
  • Workshops or hands-on activities
  • One-shot gaming sessions
  • Any other unique programming ideas!

Not every talk or activity has to be focused on the theme. However, we do ask that every talk or activity be suited to our identity as a convention: a group of geeks welcoming each other with open arms as we explore the intersection between fandoms and the Christian faith in its many forms.

If you have a panel idea, you can assemble your panelists yourself and include it in your proposal OR submit an idea for a panel you’d be willing to lead discussion on if we can find more panelists. Panel ideas that have been tentatively approved but need panelists will be shared at a later time.

If you’re interested in submitting a proposal for programming, please click here for more information and guidelines, or email with any questions.

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