Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (March 17-23)

If you didn’t hear last week, we’ve got a “Future of Doxacon Seattle” meeting coming up next month! We’ll be meeting in Edmonds to dream about the future of Doxacon Seattle – we hope you’ll join us. Check out the post for details: we look forward to hearing your thoughts & ideas.

March 17 – Today is the feast of Saint Patrick. Though primarily a Catholic religious celebration, it is also a widely observed cultural celebration. In the United States, there are a great number of different traditions: New York City has one of the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day parades, Chicago colors its river green, and the White House dyes its north fountain green, among others. Read about the various celebrations at Wikipedia.

March 18 – In 1965, Alexei Leonov became the first person to conduct a spacewalk. Stepping out of the Voshkod 2, he spent just 10 minutes in space. As a result, he was made a Hero of the Soviet Union. Later, when the Apollo-Soyuz space mission – the first crewed international space mission – took place, it was Alexei who took place in the handshake with American astronaut Tom Stafford. Read more about him and his spacewalk at NASA’s website.

March 19 – Nowadays batteries power countless products – from simple clocks to complex computers. But would you believe that batteries have been around for over 200 years? Alessandro Volta, born in 1745, outlined his discovery of the electric pile – a basic battery. Read about his life and discover at the American Physical Society website.

March 23 – Over at Board Game Geeks, there is a feature called ‘This week in Geek History’ – our own weekly digest takes much of its inspiration from their work, though they have been at it much longer! Today is the 10th anniversary of their work. Check it out – and their weekly publication! – at the Board Game Geeks blog.

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