Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (April 28-May 4)

Blessings to all of our Eastern Christian brothers & sisters who enter into Holy Week. May these days be full of grace for you & your loved ones.

April 28 – In many Eastern Churches, today ends with Bridegroom Matins. So named after the parable of the wise and foolish virgins from Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25, this celebration of Matins (or morning prayers) invites us to consider Jesus the Bridegroom – Who is taken from us in His Passion & Death and Whose return we await. Read more at the Melkite Catholic website as well as at the Glory To God For All Things website.

May 2 – Continuing through Holy Week, we arrive at the Orthodox celebration of Holy Thursday. Priests and (sometimes) deacons wash the feet of everyone in attendance at the Divine Liturgy. These two ritual celebrations are often followed by a Lenten feast – traditionally the last meal before Holy Saturday. Read more at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan website.

May 3 – On the day of Christ’s death on the cross, Orthodox Christians around the world gather in prayer. Among the many traditions of this day are the Royal Hours. Offered only three times during the year, today’s prayers will commemorate Christ’s passion and death. Read more at the Orthodox Church in America website and at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan website.

May 4 – At long last we reach the Great and Holy Saturday, the day between Jesus’ death and resurrection. Here we commemorate the burial of the Lord, focused on His tomb, holding in our hearts a joyful sorrow – knowing that the Lord is accomplishing His divine will. And when midnight finally arrives, the celebration of Pascha will (at last!) take place! Read more at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan website and the Orthodox Church in America website.

Descent into Hell, icon from the Ferapontov Monastery

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