Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (March 10-16)

As you may have heard, we recently had to reschedule our planning Doxacon Seattle community gathering for April 6, 2024. This was due to some unexpected complications, among them the always popular COVID 🙄. But seriously we were bummed to have to put off gathering with you all! We look forward to sharing the location of the gathering but please plan on joining us to dream about the future of Doxacon Seattle!

In the meantime, enjoy this week’s geek digest (back after a bit of post-convention hiatus)!

March 10 – Abbreviate March to ‘Mar’ and get to the 10th of the month, we have Mar10 (Mario) day! Each year we celebrate the Nintendo character that has accompanied several generations of gamers. Check out Nintendo’s Mar10 Day website for the official celebration.

March 13 – On this day in 1781, William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus. At first, he thought it was a comet but he eventually realized that it was a previously undiscovered planet. Read about his discovery at NASA’s website.

March 14 – With the Gold Standard Act (1900), the United States established gold as the only standard for currency. Prior to this, the United States used both gold and silver to value its currency – a system known as bimetallism. With gold taking ascendency in value and availability, silver was eventually removed. The gold standard was eventually discontinued, officially ended in 1976. Read about the history of the gold standard from the Congressional Research Service.

March 16 – We might take it for granted now, but antiseptic surgery is a relatively new innovation in medical care. On this day in 1867, Joseph Lister first published an article in “The Lancet” outlining an antiseptic approach to surgery. Read about Joseph Lister’s life and work at the National Library of Medicine.

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