Our theme for Doxacon Seattle 2024 is . . . !

Every year we choose a theme to help focus our planning, and we’re glad to announce the theme for our 2024 event!

At the End of all Things:
Utopias, Dystopias, and the Persistence of Hope

Eclipse progression
“Eclipse progression” by Andrew Poecker of the Oregon Department of Transportation

Every ending is a new beginning, and each new beginning marks the end of what came before.

We’re inspired, of course, by Frodo’s words to Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom, but also by the wide varieties of “post-apocalyptic” stories and games that explore life after (or during) disasters – zombie apocalypses, tyrannical regimes, the loss of Earth itself – that seem to end life as we knew it. Some of these stories reflect on a fall from grace and an expulsion from paradise; others on a rebirth, a resurrection, a heavenly utopia.

Look for our themed artwork to come out in the coming months, as well as announcements of our keynote presentation, and info on how you can become a presenter or vendor at Doxacon Seattle 2024! We can’t wait to see you again!

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