Help us get the word out!

While we have a fantastic line-up of speakers, workshops, and vendors lined up for 2022, what really makes Doxacon Seattle special is the unique mix of people who attend: Christians from all backgrounds and traditions, from Eastern Orthodox to Evangelical; old-school geeks and trending pop culture fans; readers, gamers, cosplayers, collectors; and people who transcend genres and defy definition!

In other words: YOU make Doxacon Seattle what it is.

Doxacon Seattle is a place where we can find our people, rest easy in our shared weirdness, and find appreciation for our unique worldviews. But the Pacific Northwest has lots of faithful geeks who still haven’t heard of us!

If you’d like to help others discover Doxacon Seattle, please spread the word at your favorite coffee shops or game stores, and at your churches. We’ve put together an easy, printable flyer that you can download and share with anyone you think would be interested.  Or you can just hang it on your wall, to appreciate the awesome artwork by our friend, Reece Friesen!

Thanks! See you in February!

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