2022 Artwork by Reece Friesen!

You might have noticed the new banners on our website and Facebook pages. These are based on the new artwork for Doxacon Seattle 2022 done by our good friend Reece Friesen! He was good enough to work with us to put our theme, “Is This the Way? Duty and Morality”, into a visual form. Here is the full image:

You’ll find this image featured on Doxacon Seattle swag, which is available from our webstore on Spring. It’s just in time to get Doxacon gifts for Christmas!

Reece is an author and artist for his own graphic novel series, Pax Avalon, as well as serving as pastor of discipleship and outreach at Eben-Ezer Mennonite Church. He is a frequent presenter at Doxacon Seattle. Thanks, Reece, for your artwork and for your faithfulness!

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