Behind-the-scenes news, and convention news!

It’s been a busy summer for Doxacon Seattle, and we finally are able to bring you some updates!

Board elections and Planning Committee

Some of you may know that Doxacon Seattle is sponsored by the Christian Gaming and Unconventional Fiction Outreach, or CG-UFO, a non-profit organization focused on the intersection of faith and popular culture in the Pacific Northwest.  At our summer board meeting, we elected some new officers to the CG-UFO Board, so while some of the names are familiar, you might see a couple new names:

  • President: Tanya Keenan
  • Vice-President: Tim Brown
  • Treasurer: Valerie Spasojevic
  • Secretary: Robert King
  • Morale: Megan Lorance
  • At-large: Rose Achey
  • At-large: Erika Heins

Thanks to all of you for making sure Doxacon Seattle keeps going and growing!

In addition, we confirmed a couple people to the Planning Committe for Doxacon Seattle, particularly Presvytera Elizabeth Tervo as Writing Group Liason and The Reader Gregory as Facilities Liason.

If you’re interested in helping plan Doxacon Seattle, or in attending our board meetings, please contact us!

Expecting the unexpected

As for the actual 2022 convention, we’re watching the news and the requirements Washington State has for gatherings, and at this point we hope to have an in-person event in January or February of 2022. Our mission is to build up a community of Christian geeks, so the safety of that community remains a top priority. Our ideal is to gather in-person safely. For that reason, we’re not setting the exact date of Doxacon Seattle 2022 until we have a confirmation from our venue that we’re meeting all the safety requirements.

Meanwhile, we have a theme: “Is This the Way? Duty and Morality”. In the next few weeks we hope to put out a call for presentations, so if you have something to say about the ideas of duty and morality in fiction, games, faith, and/or everyday life, start working on your proposal! Moreover, we’re going to need some volunteers, so if you have gifts to share – especially in the area of livestreaming or hybrid event planning – please let us know! 2021 went pretty well, all things considered, but we’d like to make 2022 an even more engaging and dynamic event!

Speaking of 2021, all our sessions are now live on YouTube, including the collaborative story. Check them out!

These are stressful times still, but also exciting times! We’re looking forward to connecting with you all soon!

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