Doxacon Seattle weekly digest (June 2 – 8)

Happy June! We hope that you didn’t get too battered by the winds these last couple of days – here’s hoping our long Washington winter lets up soon 😏

We’ve had a couple of neat announcements over the last few days. The biggest one is the announcement of the theme for Doxacon Seattle 2025: “Extasis: Escaping Reality in Pursuit of Truth“. We’re particularly excited about our convention next year as it marks a special milestone – our tenth convention! We’re pretty darn shocked ourselves, but also delighted to continue to be a place where Christians can gather to geek out about their faith and fandoms. Check out our theme announcement post to learn more about next year’s theme.

In other news, we’re excited to share a collaboration with Advent Anglican Church called “Dungeons & Deacons” with Deacon Jeremiah Webster (our clergy keynote speaker from this year’s convention). This is a gaming guild aiming to have regular events – they’ve got a Discord channel and a Facebook presence. We’ve posted all the information here on our website – it looks like a blast!

A meter of the various Creative Commons licensing. Displayed left to right, it shows the least restrictive (public domain) to most restrictive (attribution required, no commercial use, no derivations).

June 3 – Like so many others online, we here at Doxacon Seattle are especially grateful for digital resources made available under Creative Commons licensing. Today we celebrate the birthday of Lawrence Lessig (1961), the founder of Creative Commons licensing (first released on December 16, 2002). Read the World Intellectual Property Organization’s interview with him on Creative Commons and more.

A close-up photo of Roquefort cheese (colloquially 'blue cheese') spread across a round cracker

June 4 – For those who can enjoy it, cheese is a particular culinary joy. Though tastes will vary, there is no doubt that Roquefort (bleu) cheese stands out among its peers. Legend holds that Roquefort cheese was created in 1070 when a French shepherd boy found his cheese & bread meal that had been left in a cave. His happy accident has benefited us since! Read more about Roquefort cheese at the Cheese Origin website.

Dungeons & Dragons, original artwork (image courtesy Wikipedia)
Decidedly NOT the 4th edition 😉

June 6 – Though the latest edition is much beloved, the release of D&D 4e in 2008 deserves credit for helping the resurgence of interest in the classic tabletop RPG. Though the game has long been known – and loved! – for its well thought out mechanics and deep lore, the 4th edition of the game presented them such that new players could approach it with confidence. Though relatively short-lived before being updated, it served the next generation of gamers well! Read more at the Nerdist website.

A black and white photo of an iLife brand cleaning robot
Would that Ives McGaffey could see one of THESE machines!

June 8 – 155 years ago today (1869), Ives McGaffey patented the ‘sweeping machine’. Priced at a whopping $25, it was essentially a box with fan & brush that, when a crank was turned, sucked dirt & debris into a cloth bag. Though not terribly successful, the idea stuck around. Once technology advanced enough that motors could power the fan & brush, well, the rest is history. Read more about the history of the vacuum cleaner at Thoughtco.

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