Meet our 2024 presenters!

We’ve already introduced you to our keynote speakers for this year, J.D. Henning and Dcn. Jeremiah Webster. Both will speak from their experience as Christians doing creative work. J.D. will speak on “What Would Jesus Binge Watch? Lessons Learned from a Christian Filmmaker”, and Dcn. Jeremiah will discuss “Follow the Devil: Cultivating the Spiritual Imagination via the Fantastique”. We’re excited to hear everything they have to say!

Three panelists at Doxacon Seattle
A panel at a past Doxacon Seattle

But we’re now able to unveil our slate of other presenters, and the various sessions they’ll be leading! Come to see, hear, and game with some great folks, including:

  • Zoltan Abraham — “Christ and the Four Horsemen: The Message for Our Fiction”
  • Tim Brown — “Utopia, Me-topia; Dystopia, Dat-topia: Society as Ideal Community or Existential Terror”
  • Erika Rae Heins — “If There Were Water: Water as a Symbol of Hope in T.S. Eliot’s Waste Land and Mad Max: Fury Road”
  • Fr. Justin Hewlett — “The Deaths of Arthur: What We Strive and Hope for After the Destruction of Camelot”
  • Cow Shea — leading a one-shot tabletop role-playing game
  • Fr. Marcin Szymanski, OP — “Pitfalls of hope: Why the World of Warhammer Is More Hopeful Than that of Middle-earth”

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