Doxacon Seattle 2023 follow-up and 2024 update!

We’d like to thank Loren Pontén, John Muehleisen, and Euan Tait for their wonderful keynote panel “Characters, Archetypes, and the Concept of Home: Parallels between Pilgrim Beatitudes (a new cantata by John Muehleisen and Euan Tait) and The Rings of Power.” They will will be presenting John’s latest commission Pilgrim Beatitudes (the subject of the panel) on May 13, 2023 at St. James Cathedral in Seattle. We encourage you to follow Opus 7 on their website and on Facebook for more information on how to purchase tickets and support the work of Opus 7!!

(If you were sad that Euan Tait (the librettist for Pilgrim Beatitudes) was only able to be virtually present at Doxacon Seattle 2023, come to the Pilgrim Beatitudes premier – along with the rest of Opus 7, he’ll be there in the flesh!)

Looking to next year

Mark your calendars – we have a date for next year’s Doxacon Seattle! We hope to see you there on Saturday, February 10, 2024 at the Brightwater Center! We look forward to sharing more details as we plan for the convention. Between now and then, we’ll be continuing last year’s new tradition of Doxadays. These are a kind of mini-convention, each featuring a single speaker, a workshop, or gaming opportunity (sometimes a combination of them!). We’re even working on a Discord server where we can hang out virtually. We’ll have more about all of this in the coming days & weeks.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our website as well as our social media pages (Twitter & Facebook) or even sign up for the e-mail newsletter (see the sidebar). We look forward to continuing to explore our common faith and fandoms with you!

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