A change: Online only for 2022

Despite our hopes and efforts, we have had to move Doxacon Seattle 2022 from a hybrid gathering to an exclusively online gathering. Our Planning Committee has been watching the Omicron numbers, listening to our members, speakers, and vendors, and watching what other similar conventions have done, and we are confident that this is the right decision for everyone, even though it is a difficult and frustrating one.

Several concerns factored into this decision, including concerns about the spiking trend of the Omicron strain of Covid-19, the burden on our healthcare system (many PCR tests are not coming back in the 72 hour window required by the county), and lower-than-usual ticket sales which we believe to be the result of the public health situation. Fortunately, our Planning Committee has been preparing a contingency plan for exactly this situation.

Last year, we hosted Doxacon Seattle 2021 as an online-only event, and we all were delighted at how much we enjoyed ourselves! While it can’t replace the in-person aspect of the event, we’re looking forward to some fantastic presentations this year, and some wonderful conversations and connections as well! We expect it will be even better than last year!

We will still meet online on February 12, and so far there have been minimal changes to our line-up of presenters. Tickets for the online event are still on sale at Brown Paper Tickets! And if you have already purchased an in-person membership, please contact us at info.doxaconseattle@gmail.com for refund options.

Moreover, we are planning to return to an in-person convention next year, or as soon as the public health situation improves. We deeply love our community, and are eager to spend time together. And it is because we love our community that we are doing whatever we can to prevent spreading illness to any of our members.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding Doxacon Seattle this year or in the future. Thank you for your faithfulness and engagement!

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