Welcome to Doxacon Seattle 2023!

Welcome to the home base for Doxacon Seattle 2023: Pilgrims, Travelers, and Wanderers: What Is Home? From here, you can find links to our sessions, our vendors, and other activities.

If you have technical issues or need other help, please contact us using the #2023-help channel on our Discord Server.

Doxacon streaming sessions

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All of our streaming sessions will use Zoom to connect virtual participants. To download and install the Zoom client app on your device of choice, please visit the Zoom download center by clicking this sentence (or the icon to the right).

To join a session, please click on the session link at or before the scheduled time (all times listed are PST).

Discussion on Discord

All day (and into the future) you can join others in conversation about Doxacon Seattle in general, or about particular sessions or speakers, on our dedicated Discord Server.

Also, if you have technical issues or other problems, this is the place to contact Doxacon Seattle staff for help in resolving it. Please use the #2023-help channel to ask questions or report issues.


Be sure to check out our vendors for Doxacon Seattle 2023! We’re grateful to have them join us and look forward to seeing what they have to share with us. Whether you’re getting an early start or want to follow up, these links will be helpful in connecting with them!